A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Philly Dev Night group voted "Lost or Found" as their favorite entry in the "Words Jam" (https://itch.io/jam/words-jam) at the end of the event (06/15/17). Thanks to everyone who came out and played! :)

This was an entry for the WordsJam, and as it was developed with limited time, there are a few limitations: It was designed to be run at 1920X1080, in fullscreen.  I'm not sure if text or other content will be readable at other resolutions.

It's basically a different take on the text adventure genre.

All writing and narrative design was done by Saun Conlin (Ligachev).

All code & Unity work was done by Eric Kesterson (vecima).

Thanks to our families and friends for play-testing!

Install instructions

I've built Windows, Mac, & Linux versions.  At least according to Unity.  I've only tested the Windows version.  sorry.

Should be able to just run it.. i donno, it's on Unity.

Just download & unzip.  slowly.


LostOrFound_windows.zip 12 MB
LostOrFound_mac.zip 14 MB
LostOrFound_linux.zip 15 MB

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